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Bikini Hair Removal


VITALAGE, 私密激光脫毛, Bikini Hair Removal

The hair on the bikini area is different from the hair growth on other parts of the body. Not only is pubic hair thicker and coarser in texture, the area on which it grows is also darker in skin tone, and has a higher amount of germs and bacteria. INTIMAGE specializes on laser hair removal for this tricky body part – the pubic area. In doing so, safety, hygiene, and treatment results are our top priorities. Prior to treatment, the doctor will check the skin and hair condition on the treatment area to determine the appropriate energy setting for spot test. To minimize patient’s discomfort, a topical anesthesia will be applied to the treatment area. A device generating cool air onto the treatment area will also provide additional relief. After treatment, a medicated ointment will be applied to the treatment area to reduce the risks of infection. At INTIMAGE, we utilize Long Pulse 1064nm and 755nm wavelength for laser hair removal treatments. The device is approved by FDA and CE for safety and treatment efficacy in permanent hair reduction for various hair colours and skin tones.

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