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VITALAGE, 膠原重生, CollagenXP

Collagen Regeneration


VITALAGE is proud to introduce the Collagen Regeneration Treatment utilizing the Exilis Elite COLLAGEN XPTM device developed by BTL Aesthetics*, U.K..  Cleared by FDA and CE, the COLLAGEN XPTM system is the world’s first medical aesthetic device that combines the technologies of monopolar radiofrequency and ultrasound.  The thermal energy enhances blood circulation at the dermal level to accelerate cell rejuvenation and evoke fibroblasts, leading to the production of new collagen fibers.  Immediately after the treatment, an entire vial of growth factor serum is infused into the skin to provide it with the necessary nutrients for cell growth and optimal skin tightening effect.  There is no recovery downtime for the VITALAGE Collagen Regeneration Treatment; patients may resume normal activities immediately after the treatment.


* Established since 1993, BTL is a global corporation focused on the research, development and manufacturing of medical technologies and devices   

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