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Laser hair removal


VITALAGE, 激光脫毛, Hair Removal Treatment

Laser hair removal is the process of removing unwanted hair through the administration of laser light pulses at a specific wavelength that targets the melanin in the hair shaft and the corresponding hair follicle.  The heat energy damages the hair follicle and weakens its ability to grow, eventually leading to permanent hair reduction. Through a combination of Long Pulse 1064nm and 755nm laser wavelengths, VITALAGE can safely and effectively remove unwanted hair of various coarseness and colours, on different skin tones.    

In principle, a 20-30% reduction in the hair growth of the treatment area can be achieved with each optical hair removal treatment.  Afterwards, we must wait patiently for the hair follicles to regenerate and enter the anagen phase before the next treatment may be performed.  During this time, the patient may remove the unwanted hair using shavers or cream dissolvents.  Plucking or uplifting the new growth from their roots must be avoided at all costs.  The hair roots must remain intact, so that the laser heat energy may be transmitted to the hair follicles through these roots.

Hair Removal 激光脫毛

Hair Removal 激光脫毛

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