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VITALAGE brings you the latest in pico laser treatments. PicoPlus – the Pico Laser technology from the world-leading developer and manufacturer of medical laser devices, Lutronic. PicoPlus has the World’s Only “Zoom Micro-Lens Array” Technology. PicoPlus offers the revolutionary Dual Focused Dots technology that provides precise control over pulse-width, wavelength, fluence and spot size to induce “Laser Induced Optical Breakdown” in dermis or dermal-epidermal junction for more comprehensive skin rejuvenation. The results are enhanced collagen regeneration, restored skin renewal cycle, and remarkable improvement on enlarged pores, raised and pitted scars caused by acnes or injuries, facial lines and wrinkles, for enhanced skin texture and elasticity. With all the superb results offered by traditional laser treatments and more, but none of the much-dreaded side effects, PicoPlus lets you enjoy beauty without having to suffer for it!  

Acne Scars - VITALAGE

Case : Raised or Pitted Acne Scars 

PicoPlus PicoScar Treatment Before & After Photos

Pico Laser Comparison Chart - VITALAGE
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