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VITALAGE Reception
VITALAGE Reception

We Personalize Your Beauty Journey


A Medical Aesthetics Clinic that provides personalized cosmetic treatments supported with scientific evidence.


VITALAGE Clinic Logo

Clinic Opening Hours

Monday - Friday : 11am-8:30pm

Saturday : 10am-5pm

Sunday & Public Holiday : Closed

Tel : 852 3184 6198

WhatsApp : 852 5164 6403

WeChat : vitalage

VITALAGE Clinic Recognitions

About Us

Encounter of Science and Aesthetics

VITALAGE (Day Procedure Centre Licence DP000301) provides clinically-proven medical aesthetics treatments that are personalized and delivered with genuine love and care. To achieve optimal results while maintaining the highest quality and safety standards, VITALAGE treatment programs are designed and fine-tuned based on the client’s individual lifestyle and needs. As a photographic memoire of the client’s beauty evolution, “before & after” photos will be taken for record, which, along with all other patient information, are kept private and strictly confidential. VITALAGE is committed to quality and service from heart. 

VITALAGE, Squarefoot Best of the Best Award 2016
VITALAGE, 2016 Mediazones Award, Most Valuable Services Awards
List of Best Botox Clinic in Hong Kong

Brand Concept


Be the patients’ best-loved professional medical aesthetic clinic.



Provide clinically-proven medical aesthetic solutions that are customized to each client’s individual needs. 



We build our company on a foundation of true love and care for our clients and employees. We go the extra mile to think in the customer’s best interest to deliver unparalleled customer value.

We deliver on our commitments


VITALAGE hopes to bring customers tailor-made and scientifically proven personalized medical beauty treatments that are both effective and safe. Patients will be met by a doctor assistant first to understand their needs. Then he or she will meet with the doctor, who will explain the details of each suitable treatment course, the recovery period, possible complications, etc., and manage the progress of the treatment according to the needs of patient lifestyle to achieve the best results

VITALAGE Consultation


VITALAGE sources global high-quality medical beauty skin care brands for you. We highly value the importance of scientific research data and effectiveness of ingredient to take care of your home skin care needs.



VITALAGE has been serving many customers throughout the years to help them retain precious youth! We like to thank our customers for their recognition, trust and recommendation of VITALAGE's core values and treatment procedures, and thank them for sharing their journey of choosing VITALAGE!

VITALAGE 名人分享 Celebrity Sharing


In the past few years, VITALAGE has been recognized and reported by various media and high-end women’s magazines, including TVB’s "Sunday Report" and "東張西望", news reports from the news station, "Pearl Report" from Pearl TV, and Phoenix TV's "港人自講", Macau Radio's "靚太好易做", "English Standard", "BAZAAR", "Cosmopolitan", "Jessica", "Deluxe", "MORE" and other magazines. At the same time, VITALAGE has also set up its own social platforms, including Facebook, WeChat, Weibo, Instagram and YouTube, etc., hoping to communicate directly with customers through different channels, while sharing accurate medical beauty information and the latest medical beauty technology.

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