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Body Sculpting System

Body Sculpting System


The tried-and-true formula for maintaining a perfect bod has always been diet and exercise. More specifically, adhering to a strict dietary program contributes 70% of the results, while partaking in a regular exercise regimen will bring you the remaining 30%. At VITALAGE, we believe that the missing link of the equation for a healthily toned and sculpted body is a combination therapy that incorporates “Fat Burning + Skin Tightening + Muscle Building” – a personalized treatment system that caters to individual body types and needs. 

VITALAGE’s Body Sculpting System is developed based on the core principles of pain-free, non-ablative, and zero-downtime. Selected for their safety and treatment efficacies, devices used in VITALAGE Body Sculpting System include Emsculpt, Vanquish ME, Ultra 360, X-Wave and Lipolysis Shaping, all of which are internationally acclaimed for their advanced technologies. These devices work together in synergy to target different parts of the body for optimal fat burning (lipolysis), targeted contouring, muscle building and toning.

The break-through Emsculpt utilizes HIFEM (High Intensity Focused Electromagnetic Energy) technology to induce supramaximal muscle contractions that effectively build muscle mass and burn fat at the same time. With Emsculpt, you can reap the benefits of exercise just by lying in bed! On the other hand, the revolutionary Vanquish ME, utilizes unipolar radiofrequency energy to target the fat layer through its patented non-contact technology to safely and effectively reduce thickness of the fat layer by up to 60%*. Last but not least, Ultra 360 features the unique technology to deliver ultrasound and unipolar radiofrequency energies simultaneously. Combined with its cooling mode, the device safely and stably delivers high energy levels into various depths of the tissue layer to raise the internal temperature of fat tissues to 46C, leading to a reduction of subcutaneous fat cells by 40%**, while stimulating fibroblast synthesis and neocollagenesis, resulting in firmer, tighter skin and svelte body contours. 

4 Clinically-Proven Key Benefits:
•    Muscle Strengthening; Toned Body Contours
•    Lipolysis/Apotosis; Reduction in Fat Layer Thickness
•    Skin Tightening; Body Sculpting
•    FDA and CE Dual Approval

*Operation Independent Focused High Frequency ISM Band for Fat Reduction: Porcine Model Robert Weiss. Margaret Weiss, Karen Beasley, Jan Vrba, Jan Bernardy. 
**A Focused Monopolar Radiofrequency Causes Apoptosis: A Porcine Model David Mcdaniel, Klaus Fritz, Alena Machovcova, and Jan Bernardy.

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