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What’s better than to lay in bed and burn fat? Exercise and build muscles too!

Attaining a skim bod and shapely figure is no small feat. With the exception of a strict dietary and exercise regimen, all along, science and technologies have focused on addressing fat bulges and skin laxity to achieve slimming of isolated body parts. The muscle mass in the body is sorely neglected!

Behind every toned and sculpted body are strong, powerful muscles.  For this reason, the world-renowned medical device supplier, BTL, introduced Emsculpt – a device designed to build muscles and burn fat simultaneously. This break-through technology employs High Intensity Focused Electromagnetic (HIFEM) energy targeting at the motor neurons to induce action potential, and thus supramaximal muscle contractions.

In a 30-minute treatment session, the device delivers 20,000 pulses into the muscles, inducing supramaximal contractions that are unachievable through exercise and workouts. Muscle contractions of such high intensity require an abundant amount of energy, which necessitates burning of the stored fat near the muscles as fuel, leading to lipolysis. This effectively reduces thickness of the fat layer. With Emsculpt, not only can you burn fat just by lying down comfortably, you also reap the benefits of exercising and building muscles without exerting stress to your bones and joints. The treatment is clinically proven to be effective in inducing hyperplasia and hypertrophy to increase muscle mass. The most obvious benefits of strengthening the abdominal, oblique, and gluteal muscles are of course, a toned and sculpted bod with a more defined Adonis Belt or V-line, plus a lifted, peachy bum. Apart from that, having stronger muscles will protect your spine and back by taking away some of the stress around the abs. In addition, Emsculpt is also effective in treating postnatal Diastasis Recti, to help mothers restore post-baby body contours.

Emsculpt is FDA and CE approved for safety and treatment efficacy. Emsculpt is the only non-invasive procedure that effectively builds muscle mass, as clinically proven in seven independent multi-center studies. The treatment does not require any recovery downtime, and can be performed as a “lunch-hour procedure”. As the electromagnetic energy of Emsculpt does not affect the sensory cells, the treatment is painless. Patients report sensations of strong muscle contractions and throbbing during treatment. However, the treatment will not cause muscle soreness from the accumulation of lactic acids commonly experienced after intensive workouts.

Unrivaled by any other electromagnetic device, Emsculpt delivers powerful electromagnetic energy of up to 4 tesla. Safety of the treatment is certified by FDA and CE. Emsculpt is non-ionizing, non-radiating, non-thermal, and does not affect the sensory neurons. It is truly a medical aesthetic technology break-through!

EMSCULPT 呈獻 -【修身攻略】#產後媽媽 #馬甲線 #增肌消脂 #鍛鍊肌肉 #體型線條

EMSCULPT 呈獻 -【修身攻略】#產後媽媽 #馬甲線 #增肌消脂 #鍛鍊肌肉 #體型線條

EMSCULPT 呈獻 -【靚太修身攻略 Part 1】 一直以來 VITALAGE 的影片作品都是自家製作及拍攝,質素方面當然比不上專業團隊的作品。但內容方面著實很豐富;真案實錄亦很貼地;製作用心度也很高,相信這些都是值得嘉許的!為了更上一層樓,今次 VITALAGE 誠意請來經驗豐富、獲獎無數的微電影導演郭海誠 Oscar 引領 《靚太修身攻略》的製作及拍攝,希望帶給大家全新的感覺! 《靚太修身攻略》能夠順利完成,在此要再次感謝郭大導演 Oscar 的領導及編劇;拍攝團隊的連日辛勞;伍樂城學生的原創音樂;Lucas 及 Christy 百忙中抽空飾演的男女主角;Darren 小朋友的真情演出;VITALAGE 各同事的全情投入!希望大家多多支持此作品! 請繼續留意 VITALAGE 專頁,VITALAGE 會為大家陸陸續續解構 HIFEM 技術! 想知道更多實用醫美及健康資訊,立即 LIKE VITALAGE 專頁,記得設定為搶先看(See First)啊! ———————————————————— 立即致電 (852)3184 6198 預約適合您的修身美學系統啦! 或到以下website登記專業個人分析 #HIFEM #Emsculpt #馬甲線 #人魚線 #蜜桃臀 #六塊腹肌 #腹直肌分離症 #VanquishME #隔空溶脂 #消脂塑型 #強化肌肉 #Ultra360 #HighIntensityFocusedElectromagnetic #肚腩 #sixpackabs #abs #VITALAGE #hk #hongkong #香港 #鍛鍊肌肉 #體型線條
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