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VITALAGE Clinic Recognitions

Day Procedure Centre - VITALAGE

VITALAGE has successfully obtained the "Day Procedure Centre License DP000301" issued by the Hong Kong Department of Health and officially became a Day Procedure Centre! This license is not easy to come by, and it all depends on the concerted efforts of all colleagues at VITALAGE, who have always adhered to the strict standards of ambulatory medical centre. Not only must they perform infection control in the clinic in accordance with the guidelines of the Department of Health, but they must also have complete first-aid facilities and regular first-aid drills. To ensure that all colleagues do their best in the face of crisis; it must also comply with the high operational specifications of the ambulatory medical centre and be based on the surgical procedure guidelines; and it must be equipped with a complete clinical event and risk reporting and management system, etc. These measures not only protect the rights and interests of patients, but also allow colleagues to work with more peace of mind.

This license is of great significance to VITALAGE. We will continue to adhere to the principles of medical beauty and tailor a set of scientifically proven personalized medical beauty treatments for each patient. The treatment process will be adjusted to suit the patient's living conditions and needs. , all treatments achieve maximum results on the basis of safety. We hope everyone will witness the encounter between science and aesthetics at VITALAGE!

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