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Acne Medication

VITALAGE, 藥物, Drug Treatment

VITALAGE treats acne problems by using specific skincare products and medical aesthetic treatments, as well as prescribing various acne creams or oral medications, such as antibiotics, hormonal drugs, vitamin A acid, etc., depending on the different causes and severity. When oral medications are needed, patients must know their pros and cons, duration of use, and possible side effects, etc. Some drugs, such as oral vitamin A acid, require signing a treatment consent form, because if women become pregnant during the use, it will cause fetal abnormalities. In addition, blood tests are required before taking this drug to assess whether liver function and blood lipid levels are ideal.

The oral antibiotics commonly used by VITALAGE to treat acne are mainly tetracyclines (Tetracycline), such as Doxycycline, Tetralysal, etc.; oral hormonal drugs (Oral Contraceptive Pill OCP) include Diane 35 or Daphne; oral vitamin A acid (Isotretinoin) has Oratane or Roaccutane. Everyone must pay attention that generally speaking, these oral medications for treating acne need to be taken for several months to more than half a year.

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