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Eye Bag 

Collagen accounts for about 70% of the total weight of the skin, and is the main supporting substance of the skin, providing tension and firmness. But reports show that since the age of 20, the amount of collagen in the skin begins to decrease, and the loss rate increases by about 1% every year. And the skin around the eyes can be said to be the thinnest in the body, with a thickness of only 0.5 mm, so it is also the fastest place to show signs of aging! Common eye problems include dark circles, eye wrinkles, eye bags, eye swelling, etc., of course, each problem may have different causes, and must be treated accordingly to cure. VITALAGE uses EXILIS ULTRA 360, produced by the global medical device research and development authority ---- British BTL, which uses a unique and innovative 360° circular ultrasound fusion monopolar radio frequency anti-aging technology to regenerate collagen, increase collagen content for every inch of skin, thereby tightening eye bags, reducing eye wrinkles, improving swelling, lifting eyebrows and eyes, making the skin more elastic and firm, and regaining youthful radiance!

Four guarantees: safe, painless, effective, certified

Safe: automatically monitor and adjust the optimal output energy, non-invasive, no recovery period 

Painless: no anesthesia or ice compress required, no pain

Effective: scientific evidence, effectively increase collagen and elastic fibers 

Certified: dual safety certification from US FDA and EU CE  
1 Two-Treatment Protocol for Skin Laxity Using 90-Watt Dynamic Monopolar Radiofrequency Device With Real-Time Impedance Monitoring, David McDaniel, Robert Weiss, Margaret Weiss, Chris Mazur, Charmaine Griffen.

VITALAGE BTL Exilis Ultra 360 Effects
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