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VITALAGE, 皮秒去紅, 玫瑰激光, Golden Laser, Picoplus

Redness Removal by Pico

VITALAGE uses the third-generation pico laser PicoPlus developed by Lutronic, a world-renowned medical laser manufacturer, to perform redness removal (Golden Laser Facial), also known as “Rose Laser”. As the name suggests, it can improve the redness problem of rosacea, and also treat inflammatory acne, post-acne red marks, superficial pigmentation and other troubles. The “Rose Laser” uses a new low-energy 595 pico laser, with a 5mm light head, to repeatedly scan the surface of the skin, targeting the hemoglobin in the micro vessels and the melanin on the surface of the skin. Golden Laser Facial can improve vasodilation, reduce inflammation, and remove post-acne red marks; the “rose laser” adjusts the microvascular state and cell hormone secretion in this way, indirectly inhibiting melanin production.

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