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VITALAGE, 激光去微血管, Laser Vascular Removal

Laser Treatment for Microvascular

VITALAGE utilizes Clarity long-pulsed Alexandrite and Nd:YAG lasers from Lutronic to remove microcapillaries. The wavelengths used are Long Pulsed 755nm and 1064nm lasers, and the device technology has obtained dual certifications from the US FDA and the European Union CE. When the laser is absorbed by the hemoglobin in the microcapillaries, it generates high heat, creating bubbles. These bubbles then quickly burst, creating a vacuum state, which can contract and seal off abnormal blood vessels, used for treating various vascular issues.


Main applications:

1. Telangiectasia (dilated microcapillaries)

2. Facial flushing

3. Inflammation-induced redness

4. Post-acne redness

5. Rosacea

6. Port wine stain/Nevus Flammeus

7. Cherry hemangioma

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