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VITALAGE, 激光去斑, Pigment Removal Treatment

Laser Depigmentation

The formation of pigment spots depends on congenital inheritance, ultraviolet rays, endocrine, abnormal hyperplasia of the stratum corneum, inflammation or trauma, irregular life style are among the reasons for their cause. Most pigment spots can be divided into two major categories: congenital and acquired: congenital ones such as mole of ota, café au lait spots and other moles; and acquired ones such as freckles, sun spots, melasma, post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation and so on.

Different pigment spots have different treatment methods. VITALAGE not only uses the latest pico laser and traditional chemical peeling, but also combine various wavelengths of laser light waves to remove spots, such as 1064nm, 755nm, 532nm, 660nm, etc., for different spot problems. At the same time, it can complement with other treatments to achieve perfect spot removal effect. Before laser treatment, one can apply anesthetic cream on your face or use a cold air device to reduce the chance of epidermal burns and uncomfortable feeling during treatment. There is a slight needle prick sensation during injection but generally acceptable among patients. Asian skin is prone to anti-black phenomenon, so before any laser treatment, you must carefully choose correct care for your skin. You must first consult a doctor, diagnose the type of spot and formulate a suitable course of treatment, so to minimize any possible risk.

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