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Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP)


PRP decomposes platelet essence rich in growth factors from your own blood, and then injects the platelet essence into the skin. Since the introduced platelet essence is extracted from the user itself, there will be no rejection reaction. This technology is to accurately inject PRP platelet essence (Platelet Rich Plasma), which is rich in growth factors, into the skin to stimulate the skin cells in your body to accelerate division and propagation of new healthy cells to replace aging and damaged cells, thereby improving skin quality. white.

VITALAGE's PRP treatment uses CM-PRP-HA, a sterile patented test tube from Regen Lab in Switzerland. 2ml of hyaluronic acid (20 mg/ml) has been added to the test tube. Combined with the high-concentration platelet essence just isolated in the test tube, it can quickly In addition to moisturizing, it can also enhance the effectiveness of PRP, killing two birds with one stone!

Regen Lab BCT-HA PRP patented test tube has obtained EU Class III certification (CE2797). The PRP treatment process needs to be carried out in a sterile environment to avoid infection! Since the treatment involves blood, it needs to be performed by a registered doctor in Hong Kong. All patented test tubes and supplies that come into contact with blood are single-use and comply with hygiene standards; the entire treatment process and environmental equipment are arranged in accordance with the guidelines of a Day Procedure Center registered with the Department of Health to ensure hygiene and safety.

According to the medical report Platelet-Rich Plasma: Evidence to Support Its Use1 published in the American Journal of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, clinical experiments have proven that increasing the concentration of growth factors in PRP can effectively stimulate fibroblast proliferation and Accelerate the production of the first type of collagen. Currently, the PRP test tubes used to decompose growth factors on the market are different. Some are unable to decompose PRP with sufficient concentration of growth factors for effective skin repair purposes. According to a 2005 medical report Growth Factors in Plastic Surgery2 published in the authoritative international medical journal Aesthetic Plastic Surgery2, the use of growth factors in facial rejuvenation treatments can help stimulate the proliferation of fibroblasts and accelerate the production of collagen.


1 Robert E. Marx, DDS: Platelet-Rich Plasma: Evidence to Support Its Use. American Journal of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery 62:489-496,2004

2 Abel Chajchir M.D., Daniel Fabrizio, M.D., Gustavo Chajchir, M.D., and Edgardo Celi, M.D., Buenos Aires, Argentinia: Growth Factors in Plastic Surgery. Asethetic Plastic Surgery 29:295-299,2005 (Asethetic Plastic Surgery is the official journal of the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery)

【PRP治療翌日 | 見得人嗎?】

【PRP治療翌日 | 見得人嗎?】

富含血小板血漿 PRP (Platelet-Rich Plasma) 治療用於皮膚層面,已經不是什麼新鮮事了!治療方法各式其式,可以單獨進行PRP (Monotherapy),或與其它治療合併進行(Combination Therapy),針對不同的皮膚問題,而採取不同的模式,故暫時沒有一致的定論。PRP可說是一杯源於自己的生長因子雞尾酒 (Growth Factor Cocktail),研究發現當中含有578種蛋白質,可以促進傷口修復、血管增生以及組織重組。不過,PRP治療後見得人嗎?快啲click入去睇下啦! 1. Platelet-Rich Plasma in Aesthetics - PMC ( 2. Platelet-rich Plasma use for facial rejuvenation: a clinical trial and review of current literature - PMC ( 3. Progress in the Use of Platelet-rich Plasma in Aesthetic and Medical Dermatology - PMC ( 想知道更多實用醫美及健康資訊,立即 LIKE VITALAGE 專頁,記得設定為搶先看(See First)啊! ———————————————————— 立即致電 (852)3184 6198 預約適合您的美學系統啦! 或到以下website登記專業個人分析 PRP | 富含血小板血漿 | VITALAGE | 香港 Hong Kong | 中環 #VITALAGE #香港醫學美容 #PRP #PlateletRichPlasma #富含血小板血漿 #纖維母細胞 #皮膚質素 #血小板精華 #生長因子 #美國無菌專利試管 #日間醫療中心牌照 #DayProcedureCentre #VampireFacial


富含血小板血漿 PRP (Platelet-Rich Plasma) 的基本原理是從自己血液中分解出含豐富生長因子的血小板精華,再將血小板精華注入肌膚,以刺激皮膚內的細胞加速分裂繁殖出新的健康細胞,取代老化受損細胞,從而改善皮膚質素。那麼, PRP又能夠修復敏感肌嗎? 近年有研究指出 PRP對皮膚炎 (Inflammatory Skin Diseases) ,例如牛皮癬或濕疹有一定的作用,亦有病例報告發現 PRP 對玫瑰痤瘡也有幫助。這些治療結果都極具鼓舞性,可望為此類慢性皮膚病開創新的治療方案。由於PRP乃萃取於病者自身,故不會出現排斥反應,是一項相對安全的治療選擇,但需要進一步的大型臨床醫學研究去證實。由此可見,對於非病態的敏感肌, PRP應具某程度的修復作用,不過每個個案都有所不同,治療前必須諮詢醫生意見。 1. Can Platelet-Rich Plasma Reduce the Burden of Inflammatory Skin Diseases Such as Psoriasis and Atopic Dermatitis? - PMC ( 2. (PDF) Improvement of rosacea by injection of platelet-rich plasma ( 想知道更多實用醫美及健康資訊,立即 LIKE VITALAGE 專頁,記得設定為搶先看(See First)啊! ———————————————————— 立即致電 (852)3184 6198 預約適合您的美學系統啦! 或到以下website登記專業個人分析 PRP | 富含血小板血漿 | VITALAGE | 香港 Hong Kong | 中環 #VITALAGE #香港醫學美容 #PRP #PlateletRichPlasma #富含血小板血漿 #纖維母細胞 #皮膚質素 #血小板精華 #生長因子 #骨膠原 #美國無菌專利試管
【PRP 可以嫩膚、改善疤痕和脫髮嗎?】

【PRP 可以嫩膚、改善疤痕和脫髮嗎?】

今年 2月刊於 Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology 的文獻計量分析 (A Bibliometric Analysis)* 近 20年有關高濃度血小板血清 (PRP Platelet Rich Plasma) 應用於皮膚層面的醫學研究,主要集中於 PRP 嫩膚 (Skin Rejuvenation) 、疤痕及脫髮治療等三大範疇。PRP 是從自己血液中分解出含豐富生長因子的血小板精華,再將血小板精華注入肌膚。由於所導入的血小板精華,乃萃取於用者自身,故不會出現排斥反應。將 PRP 準確地注入肌膚,濃縮的血小板被激活後會釋放豐富的生長因子及細胞因子,從而刺激自己身體內的皮膚細胞分裂分化,繁殖出新的健康細胞,取代老化受損細胞,促進傷口癒合、骨膠原製造及皮膚再生,從而改善皮膚質素。但每個人的情況有所不同,治療前需諮詢醫生意見,並清楚了解所需的康復期、可能的風險及預測的效果。 *Study of platelet‐rich plasma application for skin and plastic surgery in recent 20 years: A bibliometric analysis - Li - 2023 - Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology - Wiley Online Library 想知道更多實用醫美及健康資訊,立即 LIKE VITALAGE 專頁,記得設定為搶先看(See First)啊! ———————————————————— 立即致電 (852)3184 6198 預約適合您的美學系統啦! 或到以下website登記專業個人分析 PRP | 富含血小板血漿 | VITALAGE | 香港 Hong Kong | 中環 #VITALAGE #香港醫學美容 #PRP #PlateletRichPlasma #富含血小板血漿 #纖維母細胞 #皮膚質素 #血小板精華 #生長因子 #骨膠原 #美國無菌專利試管 #高濃度血小板血清
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