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VITALAGE, 激光嫩膚, Revital Laser Treatment

Laser Facial

VITALAGE uses the Clarity long-pulsed laser (Long-pulsed Laser) laser device from Lutronic, which has two wavelengths: 755 nanometers (Alexandrite amethyst) / 1064 nanometers (Nd:YAG neodymium yag). Long-pulsed Laser extends the laser release time, releasing the laser in milliseconds (Milli-second, that is, a few thousandths of a second), repeatedly laser scanning on the surface of the skin, heating the skin, and through thermal diffusion, targeting different depths, comprehensively treating the entire dermis. The heat generated during treatment effectively promotes collagen regeneration, tightens the skin, restores elasticity, fades wrinkles, shrinks pores, and refines the skin; at the same time, it gently decomposes melanin, promotes skin metabolism, and gradually improves skin pigmentation and texture problems.

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