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VITALAGE, 水光槍, Revital Moist Treatment
Revital Moisture Boost
Deeply Hydrates,  Nourishes, and Brightens 
Perfect for dull / dehydrated / aging / malnourished skins

Brought to you by VITALAGE, Revital Moisture Boost combines the tried-and-true French mesotherapy technology with the replenishing benefits of md:complexTM NCT-Hyal Revitalising serum from the U.K.. The treatment infuses the skin with hyaluronic acids and a proprietary blend of multivitamins, antioxidants, amino acids, enzymes, and minerals, to create a luxuriously nourishing environment that fosters skin cellular restoration and collagen regeneration. Revital Moisture Boost restores skin elasticity, reverses dull, tired complexions, and smoothens fine lines. The skin is deeply hydrated and youthfully plumped, radiating a luminous glow of health and vitality.


  • Deeply moisturizes and revitalizes dull, tired skins. Restores glow, luminosity, tone and elasticity

  • Restores the skin’s youthful appearance and reveals a radiant and smooth complexion

  • Stimulates cellular renewal and increases mitochondrial functions, activates intercellular communications, and improves local metabolism 

  • Restores aging skin cells, promotes cell renewal, and defends the skin from environmental stress, giving you healthy skin that is smooth, firm, brightened, and deeply hydrated.

  • The treatment is minimally invasive, involves single-use mesotherapy needles, and must be performed by a skilled physician. The skin and all equipment must be thoroughly sterilized prior to the procedure.  

Active Ingredients:
【12 Vitamins】Vitamin A,Vitamin B1,Vitamin B2,Vitamin B3,Vitamin B5,Vitamin B6 B6,Vitamin B7,Vitamin B8,Vitamin B9,Vitamin B12,Vitamin C,Vitamin E;

【23 Amino Acids】Alanine,Arginine,Aspartic Acid,Asparagine,Cystine,Glutamic Acid,Glutamine,Glycine,Histidine,Hydroxyproline,Isoleucine,Leucine,Lysine,Methionine,Omithine HCL,Proline,Phenylalanie,Serine,Taurine,Threonine,Tryptophan,Throsine,Valine;

【4 Minerals】Sodium,Potassium,Calcium,Magnesium;

【Hyaluronic Acid 】;Hyaluronic Acid

【Nucleic Acids】;Nucleic Acids

【2 Antioxidants 】Ascorbic Acid,Glutathione

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