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【EMFACE Eye Brow & Eye Lid Lift 】

As we get older, the eyelids will begin to sag, and the double eyelids will gradually become "inner double eyelids", and the shape of our eyes will also change accordingly. In order to support the upper eyelids, the frontal muscles had to contract more strongly, resulting in severe forehead wrinkles, and finally formed an irreversible "train track"!

VITALAGE introduces the world's only medical aesthetic technology EMFACE for facial muscles and skin, which can solve the above problems. EMFACE uses the breakthrough HIFES technology combined with synchronous output radiofrequency (RF) to exercise the facial muscles within 20 minutes with supramaximal contraction, thereby increasing the amount of muscle fibers, making the muscles firmer and improving the muscle tone, which can effectively lift the eyebrows and eyelids; at the same time, the synchronized RF technology greatly increases the collagen and elastic fibers of the skin, which can reduce annoying wrinkles and improve skin quality.

For more information please contact (852)3184 6198 to make an appointment or click the link below to fill out and submit the online form to request for a professional online consultation.


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