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VITALAGE, 隔空溶脂系統, Vanquish Me, BTL
[Touch-Free Non-Contact Fat Reduction System] 

Reduce Fat Layer Thickness by up to 60%!

VITALAGE is proud to be the first medical aesthetics clinic in Hong Kong to introduce Vanquish ME by BTL.  This advanced fat reduction system features a patented non-contact technology that melts fat through high-efficiency radiofrequency, treating the targeted fatty tissue completely touch-free.  The selective thermal energy heats the adipose tissue in the treatment area to an internal temperature of 46C to safely and effectively disrupt fat cells, while stimulating collagen rejuvenation simultaneously to tighten skin, resulting in a svelte and taut figure.  

Vanquish ME is safe and non-invasive.  During the treatment, most patients report a warm, soothing experience.  No anesthesia and recovery down-time is required, making it an ideal lunch-time procedure.  Vanquish ME has been dually approved by FDA and CE for fat reduction.  

Volume Reduction:  Clinically proven to reduce fat cells and fat tissue volume

Touch-Free Technology: Non-invasive, non-contact selective thermal heating system that is virtually pain-free.  No anesthesia or medication required; no recovery down time. 

Largest Spot Size Coverage:  An area of 68 x 9cm may be treated during one session; total treatment time for large body areas is significantly reduced.

Double Certification: Approved by FDA (U.S.) and CE (Europe) to be safe and effective.

[Slim those Thighs too!]

The Contactless Fat Reduction System designed specifically for the tricky thigh areas is different from the one used for the abdomen area. Compared to the abdomen, the process of fat cells shrinkage and elimination on the thigh areas takes longer in general. Thus, patients will need to exercise slightly more patience before visible results become apparent. VITALAGE is proud to be the first clinic in Hong Kong to introduce BTL Vanquish ME Touch-free Non-Contact Fat Reduction System. Now, treatment systems for both the abdomen area and thighs are available!

#1 Source: Operation Independent Focused High Frequency ISM Band for Fat Reduction: Porcine Model Robert Weiss. Margaret Weiss, Karen Beasley , Jan Vrba, Jan Bernardy.



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